Patient Testimonials

  • I have suffered from neck and back pain for years because of multiple car accidents as well as some other issues.  Recently I have been experiencing almost constant tightness and pain in my neck.  It was so bad that I could not lift my eyes up to look at the sky or even lay on my back because it would make me dizzy.  I met Dr. Little on a day that my pain was particularly bad and after hearing my history, he told me he thought he could help.  After just one treatment the difference was night and day.  It was the first time in a year that I was not in pain.  I can now look up at the stars and lay on my back without pain or dizziness.


  • Having been to 4+ physical therapists, I was reluctant to come to another therapy but thought “one more time”.  Boy was I glad I did!  Dr. Little is just wonderful.  My back problems are now almost non-existent.  Having trouble for more than 20 years, there is nothing greater than someone who cares for the patient, which he does.  His is hands on and makes sure that you know how to do things the correct way!  I would and do recommend Dr Little to anyone who needs a physical therapist.


  • When I got to Dr. Little’s office I was still unable to work more than 10 hours per week because of pain and fatigue.  I was still twisted across the pelvis and had difficulty climbing stairs, driving and standing for much time at all.  Dr. Little’s treatments were gentle and built up my low back and body.  I now have “no pain” and I’m back to work better than ever!


  • Everyone at Fyzical are very friendly, supportive and professional. I recommend them to anyone that needs their help!



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