Electro Stimulation Redding, CA

Electrical Stimulation

Used in a variety of conditions to reduce pain and inflammation, promote tissue healing, stimulate or promote nerve and or muscle function, ionic transdermal medication transfer, muscular reeducation, biofeedback and sensory integrative therapy. Electrotherapeutics are well researched, not painful and are a foundation of some PT interventions.

The most commonly used electrical stimulation techniques are listed below, in some technical detail.

  • IFC; Interferential Current; Analgesia, blood flow; joints
  • TENS: Transcutaneous Electr. Nerve Stim; Pain mediation; chronic pain syndromes
  • Iontophoreses;Low Volt DC current; transcutaneous ion transfer; Tendonitis, bursitis; capsulitis; constrictive tenosynovitis
  • NMES; NeuroMuscular Electrical Stim


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